Tennis elbow and Golf elbow

Golf and tennis elbow, or pain in the elbow (if not trauma induced) is generally found on the inside or the outside of the joint on the bony prominence. The medical term for these conditions are medial epicondylitis and lateral epicondylitis respectively. The pain is usually described as sharp with movement and as an deep dull ache at rest. Essentially this an example of tendonitis. These conditions also fall into the category of overuse or repetitive stress injuries. Despite their names you don’t have to play golf or tennis to develop these painful conditions. For example, in work or hobby related injuries some of the risk factors are handling tools heavier than 1kg, handling loads heavier than 20 kg at least 10 times a day and repetitive movements for more than 2 hours a day. The standard medical treatment consists of rest, oral anti-inflammatory medication and /or a cortisone injection. These treatments do work for some but for others they don’t help at all or only for a very short period. The greatest risk comes from the steroid injection. Tendon rupture and some accelerated degeneration of the surrounding soft tissues (including the cartiledge of the elbow joint) are the greatest concern. Chiropractically speaking I use a multifaceted approach for my treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound ( to reduce inflammation), deep tissue massage of the muscles above and below the elbow (to break up scar tissue), manipulation of the elbow, wrist and neck ( to restore proper motion) and acupuncture ( to speed up healing and reduce pain) have worked very well for approximately 80% of my patients. A study in 2008 demonstrated that manipulation of the neck alone was able to decrease elbow pain and increase pain free grip strength of the affected side. It is interesting to note that the United States Tennis Association and the Professional Golf Association and most professional sports teams employ chiropractors on their medical staffs. Sports are big business. Pro-sport team owners recognize the competitive edge that chiropractic gives their players in avoiding and treating injuries. They want to protect their investments. As always, if you think I can help you or someone you know, feel free to contact me via email or phone. If I am unable to help you I will do my best to find a doctor who can.
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