Back pain varies widely and often the cause cannot be pinpointed. For many people it lasts only a few weeks, doesn’t respond to any type of treatment, and eventually seems to self-correct. But for many others, the pain becomes chronic and sometimes crippling. Listed below are some common-sense measures that may help you to prevent that health catastrophe from happening.

Causes and treatment

The causes of back pain vary – poor posture, extended sitting or driving without stretch breaks, overextending, stretching or bending the wrong way or too suddenly, lifting a too heavy object or lifting even something light improperly, heredity, overweight and of course trauma from a car accident, a sports injury or even a simple fall. Despite the fact that back pain is the leading cause of work place absences and doctor’s visits each year, most people continue to suffer in relative silence while temporarily soothing their pain with pills or trying other methods.

The successful chiropractic treatment of cervical and lumbar back pain often encompasses as many avenues, either singly or in multiple combinations, as there are reasons that cause back pain. The reasons and the treatments are concisely described throughout this site. Rest assured that Dr. Alex and his staff have the experience, the expertise and the enthusiasm to treat you and your pain with the care and attention you deserve.