Prescription foot orthotics are biomechanical medical devices that are custom-made to be comfortably and unnoticeably worn inside your dress, casual, or athletic shoes to correct specific foot imbalances and eliminate the need for the rest of your body to compensate for misalignment in your feet.

So, why might you need them? Well, we’ve all heard someone say or ourselves have complained “Oh my aching feet, knees, back, neck etc.” Often enough, those aches and pains stem from very common foot problems, because when the foot is affected, the entire body becomes involved. The most common foot problem is called excessive pronation — meaning the bones of the foot have rolled too far inward — causing the foot to lose its structural integrity, increase strain, and potentially flatten the arch.

Uncorrected, this condition may not only cause heel spurs, i.e. Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Tendinitis, bunions, and calluses, but also knee pain (cartilage and meniscus stress, tendinitis (shin splints), pelvis and hip pain (hip bursitis, sacroiliac stress), and chronic pain to your lower and mid-back all the way up to your neck (sciatica, disc stress, postural fatigue, headaches and muscular stress). Unlike store-bought insoles which are generic in size and contour, our orthotics are custom hand-made to meet the specific needs of your feet based on your exact foot size, height, weight, and carefully measured degree of pronation.

Additionally, because 50% of people have one leg which is anatomically shorter than the other, imbalances occur that your doctor may recommend a custom heel lift to correct. It is a medical fact as well that people with diabetes, or who are pre-diabetic, are at greater risk for developing foot ailments which, in extreme cases, results in amputation. For these individuals, preventing or arresting foot problems becomes an even higher daily priority. And lastly, for those suffering from arthritis, the importance of not further aggravating inflamed joints through neglect of potentially serious foot problems is a huge priority.

The measurements for custom made orthotics are done right in Dr Alex’s office and take only a few minutes, and delivery is within 10 business days or less.