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The Cox Flexion Distraction Technique, also referred to as the Cox Technique, provides non-surgical spinalĀ manipulation adjustment that effectively helps alleviate or eliminate back pain quickly, sometimes even immediately, by realigning the spine. This nearly painless technique restores range of motion in the muscles and joints, thus improving their flexibility and helping to correct your posture. Specifically, the spine is realigned by applying gentle pressure to key areas of the back, effectively decompressing the discs and gently stretching the lower spine. By decreasing pressure and decompressing the inflamed spinal areas, nerve functioning is restored.

Not only is range of motion, circulation, nerve communication, and posture improved, but many patients also report decreases in common headaches and migraines as well. The Cox Technique has been shown to be most effective for reducing the effects of back, neck, and thoracicĀ disc herniations and degenerative disc diseases, and offers many patients a viable conservative treatment alternative to surgery.

The Cox Technique is routinely performed on patients who are in the rehabilitation phase after back surgery and still suffering back pain, or on those patients who simply do not wish to risk surgery. Although some patients have experienced virtually immediate positive results, these results vary significantly by patient and by condition. Research regarding usage of this technique has shown that most patients require at least 12 sessions of treatment, scheduled over one month, to experience significant results.

Certification in the Cox Technique requires additional training and a chiropractic table specifically designed to perform the technique. Dr. Alex is one of the relatively few chiropractors in Naples whose training and equipment allows him to do just that.